MSc Entrepreneurship Courses in UK

As you know i am an entrepreneur and freelance startup consultant.

I would like to propel my career to next step with postgraduate education on Entrepneurship master. I have some experinece on business world and entrepreneurship.

But I think this kind of further master in entrepreneurship, can be great opportunity to understand my potantiel, getting new approaches, gainin new vision and motivation.

There are some Msc Entrepreneurship, MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation, MSc Internationa Business and Entrepreneurship courses in universities around the UK.

I have graduated on BSc Mechanical Engineering at 2010 with GPA 2,40. I just took the IELTS exam February 2022 and results are OA 6,60, Reading: 7.0, Listening:7.0, Writing:6.0 and Speaking:6.50.

Anyway, i am ready to attend 2022/2023 semestre courses.

Have you got any opinion or advice for me around that issue.


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