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  • Swipefy

    New way to presenting your presentations. Forget about usual delivery. Just thing you can do your presentation with your phone, wow. It is new app that gives you to freedom to use your mobile phone while any event, conference or webinar. Speakers can swipe left to next slide, follow up timer and use telepromter, all…

  • MSc Entrepreneurship Courses in UK

    As you know i am an entrepreneur and freelance startup consultant. I would like to propel my career to next step with postgraduate education on Entrepneurship master. I have some experinece on business world and entrepreneurship. But I think this kind of further master in entrepreneurship, can be great opportunity to understand my potantiel, getting…

  • What is the Coursefy?

    Coursefy is new startup idea that i am working on it. It will be a mobile first platform that audio courses meet with learners. E-learning growing fast, especially during the pandemic day it has became a common way of learning and teaching. Also audio books and podcast are rising i mean sound/voice contents are huge…

  • What is the Presantation Swipe

    This is my new business idea. I am thinking on it, preparing business model and pitch deck. Business plan will be on road. Idea is making presantation aseasy as swiping a mobile phone.

  • Start Your Business in UK

    Start Your Business in UK

    United Kingdom is a great for business. Especially London want to be a hub for startups. Berlin and London are in competition to become a Europa’s hub for entrepreneurship. London gives a lotf opportunities as a culture and human resources. Also there are lovely places for co-working, finance and built a business.

  • Business Consultant in London

    Business Consultant in London

    London great place to live. Also great place to start your own startup or run your business. Business culture and startup environment is amazing in London. Do you need something about business, we are here to help you as a business consultant and mentor. Entrepreneurship is can be taugh. But you can get help. Great…

  • Business Mentor in UK

    Running a business and making it successful is need to be a focused. But how you can focus core business goals while lots of things in your head. Do not worry, I am here to help you. I am a business consultant and love to help UK companies to grow and UK entrepreneurs to start…

  • Start Your Youtube Channel 2022

    Start Your Youtube Channel 2022

    I know creating content is hard but creating a content in a consistant base incredibly hard. Maybe you think, it is a to late a start a Youtube channel in 2022. yes you are right, it was the best time for start a vlogging about 5-6 years ago but now it is the second great…

  • How Do You Register a Patent in Turkiye

    If you are interesting to protect your patent rights in Turkey, do not worry. Turkiye has a policy that compatible with international patent standarts and EU IP laws.

  • Do You Need a Content for Turkish Market

    You want to grow your services in Turkey or looking opportunities to introduce your product to Turkish costumers. We are here to help you with good quality contents in Turkish to help you succeed in your localization targets.