Start Your Youtube Channel 2022

I know creating content is hard but creating a content in a consistant base incredibly hard.

Maybe you think, it is a to late a start a Youtube channel in 2022. yes you are right, it was the best time for start a vlogging about 5-6 years ago but now it is the second great time. Maybe you are started than just posted few videos, and left your channel on it’s way. Maybe you want to start since then, but you are waiting perfect time.

You are not to be perfect to start,

You are start to be a perfect

I believe that quote very well. Lot of us scaring about perfection and there is a full of questions in our head that if people don’t like my videos, am i qualified enough to do that, maybe i need new camera, new microphone or light set up.

Bu you do not need any of these. Just you, your content and your mobile phone. Make few videos than you can improve your equipment on the way. My advice to who want to start a youtube channel in 2022, just start what you have. Spend time on creating a content, scripting, editing, writing description, title, thumnail in first few months. Every time you feel your channel is growing up and improving your confidence on camera than you can think about equipment.

First of all, you have to focus on quality of content, and it will improve only doing. Than secondly audio. You can use your mobile phones own mic or your headsets’ mic. Than you can consider to buy a lapel microphone and/or podcast mic. Quality of sound increase your view time. As you heard before, view time is a great metric to blove up your channel.

At first stage you can use naturel light. You can stand against to vindow and use a sunlight from outside as a your light source. than you can buy a paraflash or led lights.

Online courses are best way to learn and implement new skills in your mindset. When you are ok with mic and light then you will have best video camera for your youtube channel. If you asking, which camera best for my youtube channel? actually it depends on what you about producing contents. If you capturing videos at your home, you can use your mobile phone than canon or sony dslr cameras. But if you recording outside like vlogging this dslr cameras ok, but action cameras greaat for travellers, maybe you can chose a 360 degree camerass or maybe pocket cameras like DJI osmo.

And there are lots of gadgets around to use in your needs and dreams. But before purchasing any gear for youtube just start your channel with what you have. When you are thinking to start, you can not truly understand what you need. You can just assume this and that gears are great for me, but on the way everything can be different.

Learning on the way is great way to learn.


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